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Starlight Windows offers incredible and stylish French windows that improve the performance and appearance of your home to homeowners across Newton Aycliffe, Tees Valley, County Durham, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. With decades of experience in the industry and FENSA approved installers, we are your local trusted experts in home improvement solutions.

Key Features of French Windows

At Starlight Windows, we offer high quality French casement windows that will improve the energy efficiency, security and noise reduction of your home. Enhance not only the appearance of your home but also the performance with our French casement windows. When you install our French windows, you instantly notice the benefits that they provide your home with; their sleek and classic design gives your home a stylish charm. 

French Windows are a very popular choice with homeowners; similar to casement windows, they give a classic addition to any home. French windows are outward opening windows that feature a floating mullion to provide uninterrupted views and added ventilation that allows sunlight to flood your home.

Experience Installers

At Starlight Windows, our team is full of experienced installers to provide our customers with straightforward and stress free installations. As FENSA approved installers you can trust that our projects reach the highest industry standards and are of superior quality so you can have peace of mind that your project is in safe hands. We can work with you to get the right windows for your home.

Improved Security

Our uPVC French windows are highly secure. UPVC is a solid material, making it excellent for your windows. They also feature other robust materials and highly secure hinges and locks that work to protect your home. Incorporated into the hinges, our French windows also come with high security fire escape and easy to clean hinges as standard, to give you an alternative to a fire escape if needed. 


All of our French windows come with multi point locking systems to ensure the best security for your home so you can trust that you and your loved ones are safe at all times. Our multi point locking systems are tested against all modern burglar attempts that are able to withstand crowbar, hammer or drill intrusions.

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Fully Customisable

We want to give our customers the freedom to create the windows they have always dreamed of. To cater for all kinds of homes, we offer a range of customisable features that ensure you can make an entirely bespoke window. We provide a range of colours, finishes and configurations as well as glazing, hardware and accessory options so you can design your windows to suit the style of your home. If we don’t have the colour you are looking for, you can arrange to have your windows spray painted in your desired colour so you can match the appearance of your windows to the exact style of your home for a seamless addition to your home. 

If you are looking for a traditional and classic style of a French window. In that case, we offer a woodgrain finish which replicates the look of a wooden window with the added performance benefits that uPVC windows provide. This allows you to upgrade your windows for improved performance without compromising on the classic style of your windows. 

You can choose between either Bevelled or Ovolo profiles. Bevelled profiles offer modern, clean lines, and ovolo profiles offer detailed, sculptured finishes depending on your desired look and your home’s style. You also have the option to include internal or external Georgian bars to add a truly classic look.

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Top Quality French Windows

Our French windows are made from uPVC, which is a highly robust material that is extremely popular amongst homeowners when choosing windows. uPVC is so popular due to its longevity and durability. It is designed to stand the test of time, which means your windows can remain in top condition whilst withstanding strong forces and harsh weather so that you can enjoy your windows no matter the weather.

Due to our French windows’ slim uPVC profiles, you can make the most of your garden views and let sunlight spread across your home to create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. Our French windows include a floating mullion, which is a feature that when you open your windows, no bar in the middle disrupts your view. Instead, you can enjoy expansive opening views.

Energy Efficient French Windows

For windows that will keep you warm and cosy in the cold months and cool and ventilated in the summer months, our French windows at Starlight Windows are perfect. By upgrading to our energy efficient French windows, you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable temperature as well as being able to save money on your energy bills as you are less reliant on your central heating or air conditioning. 

Our uPVC French windows feature a thermal efficient chamber that works to slow down heat transfer to be a natural insulator that will trap the warmth inside your home and keep the cold outside or vice versa. This allows our windows to reach U-values as low as 1.4 (W/m2.K). We also include double glazing within our French windows that does an excellent job of keeping the warmth inside and the cold out as it contains two thick glass panes that trap air bubbles that reduce convection. 

French Windows Prices

If you are looking to upgrade your windows to our high performance French windows, then please get in touch with us for more information. Feel free to call us at 01325 321301 or email us at, and we can discuss your project in more detail. 

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